be aware for us when drive a car

girls, some of us usually driving a car or motorcycle, but we must be aware because especially many strangers and we don't know if they just drive or want doing bad things to us, so i want to give tips for you from what i learn
1. always lock the car before you drive and check back on a red light also never go without phone battery runs out
2. never put valuables things like phones,bag,laptop in place visible from outside the car
3.never open your door when there is an unknown person knocking or open just so you could only hear the voice of him or her
4. never be on panic if a flat tire or broke down on the road ! find a road that had many light and a lot of people when the car was still able to walk though slowly and even if the car can not walk anymore out of the car and lock the car and find the hustle and immediately call the closest
5. carrying a weapon like bat for self defense that you can put anywhere while breaking down on the way out of the car and find the place crowded and take the thing just to be followed or if there is bad things happen to you